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About Joy's Classes

Joy McDonald

Hi. My name is Joy McDonald.

I have a special interest in women's health physiotherapy and have enjoyed running exercise classes for pregnant women and new mothers in Adelaide for many years. In the past I have worked as a physiotherapist in the maternity units at both Burnside Hospital and Calvary Hospital.

I am the mother of three myself and now also the proud of Nanna of five little grandchildren.

I am a great believer in the benefits of gentle exercise throughout the child-bearing year and find that the heated pool environment is perfect! The warm water is relaxing and provides buoyancy and support for the changing body. Back-ache and pelvic joint problems are common in pregnancy and women with painful joints are able to exercise comfortably and safely in the pool.

I use four different indoor heated pools in the Adelaide metro area. Classes are fun and informal, with the emphasis on staying active and comfortable in pregnancy and in the early months after the baby is born.

Benefits include improved posture, strengthening of the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, prevention and relief of upper back, lower back and pelvic joint pain and improved circulation in the legs. Each class is one hour long and we do a variety of activities, using the water’s resistance to develop the core abdominal muscles for stability, some gentle aqua-aerobics and both active and relaxing routines with pool noodles.


When you're ready to ease back into some gentle exercise and your baby is at least six weeks old ... Joy's classes are perfect! Joy's Water Exercise Classes are all combined pregnancy and post-natal classes, so you can come back to the class you attended during pregnancy, or choose one that's more convenient now you're at home with your baby. Norwood and Glen Osmond times work best, I think.


One of the other great benefits of these classes is the opportunity to have fun and make friends with other pregnant women and new mothers. As well as chatting together in the informal class setting, we have a coffee get-together each month where we catch up with our new mums and their babies.

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I need to have a chat and obtain some details from you before you attend your first class.

Please ring me on 0412 316 611.

My email address is joymcdee@hotmail.com.

About Joy's Classes | Booking Information